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John Virginillo
Sep 02, 2020
In General Discussions
Always looking for little items for customizing. Interested in other people's finds. What piece of gear have you found you just can't do without?
John Virginillo
May 26, 2020
In General Discussions
Storage Pockets - These have velcro at the edges and are secured with adhesive velcro. Small 'eye hooks' and a short bungie to hold the pass through open while passing items through galley. Pure Sine wave inverter to run CPAP....Yes I snore! :) Also has 2 USB ports Added LED bulbs. AUX solar panel port. Our 'grey water tank'. This was a 20 year old water container which just happens to sit under the trailer nicely while the canning funnel catches any grey water. Added a small shelf under sink. 2 liter bottles x 4 can be stored underneath for 8 liters of water for washing etc. The top holds our extra fuel canisters. Shelf isn't pretty but it was a tight fit without removing door. Also wanted easy access to mechanicals.
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John Virginillo

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