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This clock gives an accurate countdown of our current customer's projects and an idea when we are available to build our next "Teardrop". This clock is updated frequently. Please order in advance.

All of our teardrop trailers come with the following standard items;


4 inch foam mattress in the bedroom, Complimentary Curtains, Panoramic view with hinged screen,Two tinted glass doors with screen and deadbolt locks, a light in the bedroom and another in the rear galley, wine/glass rack for two, One 12 volt plug in socket inside rear galley door, Cooler / Butane stove - Matching wooden box combo with slide out shelf.


2-120lb gas springs to keep rear galley door open, Galley latch kit, One 12 volt deep cycle marine battery as primary power source, 12 inch white rims ,steel fenders, trailer lights and either a 7 round or 4 flat pin plug, 2 inch ball Hitch,EZ lube Axle.


All options can be added, replaced or modified for your very own custom built Teardrop trailer;



Not sure how much power you need ?

Try this Handy "Load Calculator"

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