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Grant Hendry
Mar 27, 2020
In General Discussions
My wife and I are very seriously looking at making a deposit soon with Steve and the gang for a 2020 5'x8' Diamond in the Rough. One thing that concerns me a little is the towing capacity of my current tow vehicle. I own a 2015 Jeep Compass with 4WD and the 2.4L-4 cylinder engine. Everything I currently look to suggests that the maximum towing capacity of that specific vehicle is 1000lbs. With an approximate weight of 900lb for the trailer, am I pushing it? I dare not suggest to the 'boss' that we need a bigger vehicle after we buy the trailer because it's too much! I'm aware that Toyota Prius and Mazda Miata's have pulled these units. Maybe I'm overthinking things? If anyone with any direct experience with towing these units with a relatively small 4 cylinder can offer up some words of wisdom I'd appreciate it. Thanks
Grant Hendry
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