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black diamond deluxe Teardrop trailer

The Teardrop Trailer


All of Our Custom Built Teardrop Trailers are build to order and manufactured here in Canada, Built to be completely off the grid. Although Some parts are purchased in the United States, We manufacture the entire teardrop here in Canada. Teardrop trailers have been widely popular in the United States since the 1930's. Originally known as "The honeymoon house trailer". 

With a Teardrop Trailer you have a comfortable bed and don’t have to sleep on the ground. Our Teardrop Trailers have virtually little or no setup unlike tents, or pop-up’s. This makes for a perfect travel trailer. You don’t even have to unhook your Teardrop from the car, so you are ready to go to your next destination, first thing in the morning with a portable kitchen and bedroom on wheels.


Once you discover the world of teardrop trailers, you’ll find that less could really be more. We are the # 1 Manufacturer of custom built teardrop trailers. Delivering to Canadian & American customers everywhere across North America. We Bypass the Dealers & sell to customers direct.

We offer competitive pricing and use high quality materials. Welcome: Your Journey Starts Here...


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