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Step by Step DIY  Instruction Guide

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Step 6 - The Kitchen - Room with a view


Our teardrop trailer kits offer a unique concept when it comes to the kitchen. We sacrifice storage space for the view. Keeping in mind there is such a small space to work with, you may think this is not practial. Well, My question would be this. What would you rather wake up to, Breakfast in bed with a view or a closet full of fresh laundry ? This is our signature look. Every time you travel to a new location you have the potential to wake up to another breathtaking view.

Algonquin park
from the bedroom
all birch interior teardrop trailer

Okay, back to the build. If you have one of our kits, Then you have the precut sheets for the table top which is 24 inches in length and the stand is 21 inches high, both 46 1/2 (or 581/2 for 5x8 ) inches in width. Set the stand back 22 inches from the bottom of the floor, Then place the table on top of the stand and center it on the stand. Level the stand and drill to secure into the walls now do the same with the table stand.

Now for the shelf inside the bedroom and in the kitchen. There are Two 8 inch high and 46 1/2 inch

wide pieces of plywood. The first Piece of Plywood should run straight up and down and flush with the back of the interior wall. This piece acts as the wall for the shelves. Screw the wall into each side of the exterior walls. Next, take the second 8 inch, 46 1/2 inch piece (or 581/2 for 5x8 ), and center it. Secure it and drill into the exterior walls. Note: You may find it easier to join the two 8 inch pieces first, making a " T ", then secure into the side walls. Once you've finished this part of the build you can now install your railings in the bedrom and in the kitchen. A good layer of wood glue or contact cement works fine. Don't try screwing these railings in, they will split. 



Now we start on the rear galley door. If you have one of our kits, grab the four rounded 3/4 inch plywood pieces & Line them up across the rear opening. Grab your precut pieces of 2 x 2 and begin screwing them into the four rounded 3/4 inch Plywood strips. The 2 x 4's are for the inside galley, and the 2 x 2 pieces are For the outside. Take the 2 pieces of precut 2 x 4 and place one on the top & One on the bottom and 2 in the middle.

(See video )



framing in

We use the 2 x 4 for two reasons. Extra reinforcement and support for the rear galley lid latch and it’s easier to Make the final piece flush with the other 2 x 2’s



Step 7 - The rear galley door

These are the last 2 pieces to screw into, For your door. You have a choice of using 1/8 inch hardboard or 1/8 inch hardwood for the interior door. Once the interior is installed to the galley door, you can install the electrical wires, lights and 12 volt female plugin.

Step 8 - Insulation


Once you've finished the interior and electrical you're ready to insulate what is now starting to look like a teardrop trailer. You can get 4 x 8 sheets 1 1/2 inch thick. Measure each area and cut to fit. Once you have finished with the insulation You may also want to consider using Blueskin.


It is a self-adhering composite membrane consisting of an SBS rubberized asphalt compound, integrally laminated to a blue, high-density polyethylene film. The membrane is specifically designed for self-adhering to a prepared substrate, and provides a high-performance waterproofing barrier.

Never sleep in a teardrop trailer without an open window or vent for fresh air. The volume of air inside a teardrop is Not enough  To keep you breathing throughout the night. It could be your last if it’s sealed too tight.

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