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Step by Step DIY  Instruction Guide

teardrop trailer base
1st step - The Trailer 


Before you do anything, You need a trailer. 4 x 8 or 5 x 8 is what this kit is intended for, But if you are making any additional modifications in size, you can still use this guide As an outline. I prefer 4 x 8 for a number of reasons. First of all, everything you purchase in materials in any big box store comes in  4 x 8. Sheets of plywood, 2 x 4's, Etc. Also remember, If you're building your own trailer, It's because you're trying to keep costs down. Anything larger then 4 x 8 blows the budget. Our 5 x 8's are just as easy to assemble with the only difference being an extra foot for additional space.


Back to the trailer. You have a number of choices. You can order from the USA. Harbour Freight tools sells them. But by the time you pay for shipping and duty you've already paid double what you thought you were going to get it for. You can make your own with parts from Princess Auto here in Canada, but by the time you buy each individual part you're getting up there in price.


Not to mention you also need to weld your frame. Kijiji always has used trailers to choose from and at times you can get a good deal. Just make sure if you do buy used, check the frame for rust, and do yourself a favour and check the wheel bearings, maybe even replace and re-grease.  We also now carry new welded frames as well, with VIN # and 2500lb ez lube axles. 46 1/2 inches sleeping area is just shy of a double. 58 1/2 inches is just shy of a queen. 6 feet in length, which allows 2 feet for your kitchen.


Congratulations !

If you are reading this, You finally made the decision to become part of a unique type of camper. A proud teardrop trailer owner. Our goal here is to be as helpful as possible to all you newbies out there that want to build your own trailer and save on your pocket book at the same time. There's nothing more satisfying then building something for yourself. It doesn't hurt to get a little help along the way. Well let’s get started. I hate wasting time.


New: 5 x 8  Now available.

Replace inside dimensions of

46 1/2 with 58 1/2

The Base
Step 2 - The Trailer Base


Ok. Now that we got that out of the way lets begin with a 1/2inch 4 x 8 sheet of plywood. This is pretty straight   forward. Make sure it’s lined up properly with the frame of the trailer. This is your base. If it’s not lined up    properly, You will have problems later on down the road. Make sure you use bolts to secure it in place. Every trailer is different so this part is all up to you. Once you have secured your sheet of plywood, you’re ready for the next step. 2 x 4’s and the insulation. If your building a 5 x 8, add the extra foot wide plywood to the base.


If you have the kit, you already have the cut 2 x 4’s and ready to screw into the plywood. If you don't have our kit, Cut four 2x4s@ 461/2 in length ( 58 1/2 if it's a 5 x 8 ). Before doing this next step you may want to think about flipping your trailer upside down and spraying it with a rubberized undercoating. You don’t have to, but it will give your teardrop trailer the extra protection from all the elements.



Undercoating is not supplied in any of our kits, but can be purchased at any retail automotive supply stores. I got mine at Canadian Tire. Now for the 2 x 4’s and the Insulation. Again, Insulation does not come with any of the kits and is not needed, but it does offer support to the Floor and the obvious, Insulation.


You could replace the Insulation with a couple extra 2 x 4’s in the middle of the four - 2 x 4’s provided with the Kit, In order to save a little $$$. I believe one sheet of 1 1/2’ Insulation is about $20 at home depot. A 2 x 4 is only $3. For this demonstration and all my trailers I use Insulation.


Anything to help keep out the heat.  Grab the 4 pre cut 2 x 4’s.Space them out across the floor. If you are using Insulation, pre cut your sheet again to  46 1/2” (or 581/2 for 5x8 ) then cut Each section to fit between the 2 x 4’s. Now if you have the kit, grab the sheet of precut floor board ( 461/2) (or 581/2 for 5x8 ) and screw the board into the 2x4’s . Centre your 2 x 4’s between the 4 x 8 sheet. You now Have your base. Depending on the size of your  Styrofoam Insulation, 2 feet or 4 ft wide, your 2 x 4’s will be spaced Accordingly. Don’t worry, they don’t have to be exact. ( See pictures below )

protect teardrop trailer frame
46 1/2 inch across plywood
5/8 plywood
room to support trailer walls
Optional - False Flooring for additional storage under bed and in Kitchen.


Although our teardrop trailer kits do not come precut for false flooring, you may want to consider taking this part of the project on yourself. Instead of using four 2 x 4s you positon three. One in the middle and the other two on each end. Between those 2 x 4s you can cut  four 2 x 6s and center them. This leaves you enough space to cut out your doors and remove the insulation. ( see pictures below )

optional method for insulating teardrop trailer floor
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