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Can I use my Toaster,Blender,Heater ?

Yes,Yes and Yes. We have finally created a teardrop trailer 100% off the grid, with the capability of allowing you to use your precious home appliances while not depending on local hydro for anything. How ?

Simple really. First you need an unlimited power source. We install a roof rack and then fasten 50 or more watts of solar panels onto the roof racks.

Secondly, We attach two Deep cycle marine batteries together with 2 Gauge wires. Positive with Positive and negative with negative. This is critical, because you still maintain 12 volts of power. If you connect positive with negative and negative with positive you have 24 volts. All you want is the extra 12 volt storage.

Next we use a 3000 Watt Inverter. Why a 3000W Inverter and not 500W. Well for example: The load of a coffee Maker is around 1700W. A toaster is approx 1000W load. A blender is around 500W. If you were to use all 3 at the same time you would over maximize your inverter capacity and it would shut down.

As long as you use one item at a time, you have more then enough power for whatever you want to bring to the campsite. ( Even a Hair dryer to dry your hair after a swim at the beach - 1875 Watts ) The solar panels do their job even on overcast days. You still get some free energy throughout the day. So what do we call this modern day marvel in the teardrop trailer world ? Introducing the one and only: "Diamond in the Rough"

A fitting name really. Diamond Plate roof with Diamond plate accents, Some people call it checker plate.

Whatever you call it, This teardrop trailer deluxe model is undoubtedly a precious Gem in the middle of nowhere, with everything to offer, and asks for nothing in return.

The ultimate in "free energy" "micro Camping". Who needs the grid ? I've got my own power with the "Diamond in the rough. " Coming to a campsite near you .... Or maybe, We'll keep on going. Just Imagine the freedom...

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