Marine Battery vs Car Battery

Marine Battery

Okay, So you always hear people talking about marine batteries for their teardrop trailer. Some people don't think it really matters, and others don't have much of an opinion on it. Well I have done quite a bit of surfing online and think I may have finally found the answer. Now to avoid becoming a plagerist I must admit my resources. The following is a quote from the globe and mail published in 2012. I could just give you the link and you can read it yourself, But I have a few thoughts as well. I've also sifted through the article to give you just the highlights. Okay ready? "A car battery is primarily designed to provide a large amount of current to get an engine started, and that's pretty much it. Once started,the battery just sits there being fed by the charging system to supply it with the energy that was lost during the starting (cranking) process...this is why they are called cranking batteries or engi