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Celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary

It's hard to believe that a cardboard cutout was the beginning of a remarkable 10 year Journey for The Teardrop Trailer. It all started in our backyard, One teardrop at a time.

Mandy and I had the privilege of building and selling for customers across North America. Of course, I can't leave out the staff. There's a saying: " You're only as good as the people that work for you ".

Well, One Staff member sticks out above them all. Our #1, most reliable, honest, hard working employee, MIKE.

He worked with us for almost 6 years.

He had the keys to the shop, and Whenever we had deadlines, I knew we could depend on him to help us finish the job. Like any other business, we had our challenges.

During The covid lock down, we experienced price increases, supply chain issues, product shortages, But we still kept building. Well, we have turned a new chapter and MIKE has moved on. We had a nice going away party for him and wish him the very best in his future employment.

We now rent a few of our own teardrops in New Brunswick, and still build custom teardrops, Just at a much slower pace and with a lot less customers. Our idea is to offer more of an experience to our customers, vs building as many teardrops as physically possible in one month. These past 10 years have been an amazing experience and we look forward to the next 10 years, with new ideas and a lot more camping trips. We always enjoy hearing from our customers, and the exciting adventures that they have enjoyed in their teardrop trailers.

We thank all of our customers for making our little family business such a success. If anyone of you is planning a trip to New Brunswick, look us up and come say Hi. Your Journey starts here...

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