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Room With a view & breakfast in bed - Priceless

algonquin park, Mew Lake

If you have been following us lately, then you are probably already familiar with our signature view.

Most all tear drop trailers I have come across personally and even online all have the kitchen and sleeping area separate.

There are advantages to this I suppose. One being the fact that you have more shelf space inside the bedroom and outside in the kitchen.

But hold on a minute. Why are you camping in the first place ? Is it so you can wake up to a tv screen, or your freshly washed jeans in the cupboard ? Do you sit up and stare at all your neatly packed luggage when you first wake up ? When you take your vacation time, Is it not to get away to the great outdoors ?

So why in the world would'nt you want to wake up to a beautiful view ? There's nothing better then waking up to a sunrise filling your room with a strong orange glow, glistening off a newly varnished birch,maple or oak interior.

What could be better ? I'll tell you. Breakfast in bed. When we go camping I leave the rear galley door open. ( Yes, there is a screen to keep the bugs out ) First thing I do is put on the kettle for our hot cup of instant coffee. Then I crack out the bacon and eggs, All this while the wife still sleeps. When I'm finished cooking breakfast I wake her up, she lifts open the screen, I slide breakfast in and then jump back into bed.

We then have our coffee and bacon and eggs, discuss what our plans are for the day, all at the same time taking in our newly found view. Tell me, Is there any way better to go camping ?

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