The Tin Top Woody

We are very proud of our new model. A combination of Aluminum, Maple and Checker Plate. As always there are 2 lights. An interior light and a galley light. There is also the standard 12 volt electric socket for either an inverter or a place to quick charge your cell phone. All powered with a 12 Volt Marine Battery.

A fuse panel is installed in the front box with the battery. The doors are black with tinted windows, a double locking set up and the windows slide up and down, to allow for air circulation.

A screen is also part of the doors features, to keep out those pesky mosquitoes. The kitchen has a top shelf and plenty of space for your cooler and camping supplies. We added the sporty checker plate stripes on the sides of the walls, and added the matching fenders. An excellent edition that we are very excited about. This model is available as a complete custom build or as a DIY kit.

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