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The Galley Kitchen

Oak woody Galley

One of my favourite things about the Tear Drop

has to be the kitchen. Not only does it have a sink with running water and a cooler all decked out with diamond plate and oak trim, It has a barbque ready to go.

Yeah, yeah anyone can get a colman stove at Canadian tire and throw it on a picnic table, you may be saying to yourself right now. But mine is rigged with a hose that goes under the sink attached to propane. Quick connect and quick release. Oh yes, and what if you don't have a picnic table in the immediate area ? No Barbque.

Another feature that I think is a must have is the over head lights attached to the electrical system. ( Marine battery ) It can be in the middle of the night and it doesn't matter, As long as you have your light. I can cook dinner in the middle of nowhere, In the pitch black and off the grid. Now thats camping in style.

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