Sep 1, 2018

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I picked up one of the J locks from Princes Auto when it was on sale.... I would say the weakest point is the lock itself... it's pretty flimsy pressed metal and a quick search in another section found a sturdier version of the lock itself - MasterLock make some as do Gorilla Lock I believe.

I also have a longer shank lock that goes through the plates to lock the jack in place too.... wouldn't be that hard to cut with a good bolt cutter but I figure anything that slows them down and makes them rethink the time involved to go through all the locks can't be bad.

I've also see people using the very heavy-duty chains to lock motorcycles... Kryptonite make some... probably others. They're supposedly hard to cut with a bolt cutter so the lock itself becomes the weak spot.

If you happen to be in Princess Auto check their surplus section for a Coleman Silent Hitch Pin Lock.... similar to this they're usually on for about $20.00 and help stop the rattling of the hitch in the receiver.


Another option is GPS tracking devices.... small self-contained trackers that can be hidden yet show the location of the trailer. SpyTech sells some versions

If some low-life jerk wants to steal the trailer they will.... we can only slow them down and track the trailer as they drive it away.

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