Jun 13

Hello there, Dom and Jennifer here, I just wanted to share a few upgrade on our trailer.. awning, proven industries lock,propeller, etc...







The lock looks interesting... where did you get it? And.... OK, I'll bite... propellor?

Sep 16

Where did you go for the awning or did you install?

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  • I am the proud new owner of the Silver Bullet 4 x 8. Getting ready to take it out on the road. I'm use to camping and backpacking so a question regarding food storage. Do people store food in their vehicles instead of the trailer? I'm thinking when the windows are open at night with the screens any odors from the galley can percolate through the screen between that and the sleeping quarters. Not worried about the cooler as much as dried goods. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • This has been a never ending question, and the answer is always different, based on length of bedroom and height of our customers. The rear galley obviously has a curve, so the floor space has more clearance then underneath the table. So, we made a diagram to answer that elusive question. What size cooler can I use ? My first question would be. How tall are you, and how long do you want your bedroom ? coolers come in many shapes and sizes. Once we know the galley floor space that we can work with the rest is easy. Check out our diagram below for reference...
  • Other than opening a window has anyone added a vent, or two, on the side of their TD? Which one? Is it powered? Was the install easy?


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