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Sep 15, 2021
In General Discussions
Hi! Got a used teardrop last year and love it, but worried about the day I might have to get the spare unslung from underneath, and a flat rehung, at the side of a highway (even if it wasn't raining or dark). I have seen lots of pictures with the tires mounted this way on various brands, so I assume that weight distribution from a driving safety point of view can't be a huge concern. (Have one on my utility trailer too.) Only concern I have found online about side-mounting behind the fender is about compromising the integrity of the wall, but we will not be hanging it on the wall. My welder/fabricator neighbour helped design a frame that will extend across the entire width of the trailer underneath and bolt to it. It will stick out actually 1" less that the current fender when done. The tire will sit in a steel "pocket" open at the bottom to drain if necessary and the weight will be all on the frame, and the tire held there by a single bolt to flat iron against the wall. Again, no holes in the wall. Does anyone done something similar and have any experience and advice to share? Thanks a lot! Tom


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