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I don't generally promote any company / companies / businesses or foundations on my website. For the most part, I like to keep the focus on our own Brand and our own Product. I find the promotion of other ventures self gratifying and usually done for the purpose of some type of financial return. If I had an interest in this type of advertising, I would conveniently place google or amazon snippets throughout my website. As you can see I don't do that.

I am not making any profit from this company, nor am I promoting it for my own personal gain. However, this company not only provides compatible products, but the president is also a customer. How can I say No to a customer that shares the same off road enthusiasm as I do ?

For the record. I was not asked to do this blog, and If I was coerced in any way, this blog would not exist. As of April 7 2021, We are in the preliminary stages of building a teardrop trailer for the President of "" ( David ) and cannot wait to see the final outcome of his trailer. David is not only an off road enthusiast, he also shares the same passion as the "Jeep" enthusiast. His plan is to take our trailer, and modify it with many of his own compatible products.

So here is the big question. Why Am I talking about this customer ?

Simple. He offers, what many of you have already been asking for. Something I don't sell, and have no interest in selling. Awnings, roof top tents, racking, side water tanks, gas tanks and a huge list of items that I didn't even know existed. So then. Next time I'm asked if I sell awnings or roof top tents, instead of my answer being, "Nope, check amazon", my answer will still be "nope", check and if my opinion changes in the future, this blog will disappear. Considering I have worked with David for a while now, I highly doubt that will happen, any time soon... Happy trails, and stay safe everyone !!!

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