Are we going to the 2020 Toronto RV Show ?

I am asked this question every year, around the same time, So let me make it official.

No. And most likely, We will never attend an RV show, trade show, outdoor show or any other show to promote our products. Why ? Our trailers promote themselves. Our customers cover most of the United States and Canada. We have sold and shipped to California, New Mexico, North west territories, Newfoundland, and delivered to many more States and Provinces. Too many to mention. As a matter of fact we have a youtube video jingle naming a lot of places throughout North America that we have sold and delivered to. ......

Here is the main reason you will not see us at an RV show. We are a small family business. We do not sell through dealerships. We sell to customers direct.

We also have a video jingle on Youtube explaining that as well...

We only build 8-14 trailers a month. If we went to an RV show we could not handle all the business. We build each custom teardrop trailer for each individual customer. If we decided down the road to offer a standard teardrop, then we would consider attending RV shows, But As a small family business we are quite content building 1 teardrop at a time, with the highest quality products and satisfying each customer's needs and requirements individually. So, if you're looking for a mass produced trailer, then by all means enjoy the show. This year the 2020 Toronto RV Show runs from February 27th – March 1st, 2020.

But if you're looking for something a little different and want that custom teardrop, then send us an email or give us a phone call and we will give you a tour of our little shop, here at 5201 Vivian rd, Cedar valley, Ontario L0G 1E0.

As of Feb 21 2020, We are booked till July 2020, and cannot build anymore trailers until then. If you want to reserve a build date for the middle or end of July there is still time available. 50% down and the balance upon completion. We accept all major credit cards, e-transfers and Paypal. Thanks for reading, and if you're a previous customer, thanks for your business... Steve and the Crew at The Teardrop Trailer Inc.

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