2022 Pricing and discontinued items

As you may have noticed there are no prices for any of our trailers at this time. We are currently booked till December and have decided to focus on our existing customers before gaining anymore new customers. Although some people are still trying to place $0 orders on pay-pal.

We have also decided to discontinue the 4x8 models, primarily due to skyrocketing lumber and steel prices. (If you have an existing 4x8 order, not to worry we are still building it for you) During this last pandemic shutdown we have been forced to wait in countless lineups at the big box hardware stores, and wait for other products to be mailed to us, instead of just walking in and picking it up. Although we have continued to stay open and build, these challenges have put us behind schedule this year. This is the first time since we have been in business that we have been behind.

We truly appreciate everyone's patience this year, and are doing our best to catch up and get back on schedule. There have also been a few product shortages and an increase in costs. For these reasons we have also discontinued the black alloy rims. The long wait times and the increased costs have far outweighed any esthetics these rims may have had. We have replaced them with a high grade galvanized rim, which means they won't rust, and they match in color with the aluminum side walls.

We look forward to the spring of 2022, and hope we get back to a new kind of normal. As always we appreciate everyone's business, past and present, but especially this year,

We appreciate your patience as we strive to offer the very best. Just a little slower then usual. Stay safe everyone... And as always... Happy Trails... Steve

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