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How It all Began

In 2013 I was tired of working my day job, commuting 2 hrs a day back and forth and wanted a total change. Mandy ( My wife ) and I considered moving to a town 45 minutes North of us. I wanted to get a hot dog cart and become a beach bum, selling hotdogs. So, I went online and started browsing through an online classifieds website. I typed in: carts, hot dog cart, carts, trailers, hot dog trailers. And BAM ! There it was. A 5x8 beauty. I found a used teardrop trailer for sale. It was the first teardrop trailer I had ever seen. I was in love instantly. The big problem was, it was too much money, and I couldn't afford it. I suddenly forgot about hot dogs, and started the search for teardrop trailers. I soon found out, they were very expensive, and that there were no manufacturers in Canada. Once I got caught in the teardrop trailer world, I knew I was hooked. I had a construction background, and quickly discovered the world of Do - it - Yourself ers across Canada and the United states. I went out and bought a used 4x8 utility trailer. It was a fold up trailer, a bolted frame with 8 inch rims. I quickly replaced them with 12 inch rims. It took me 3 months to build it. I started in the back yard in early spring with snow still on the ground and not even a garage to cover me. I bought a 10x10 tent so I could continue building the teardrop, regardless the weather.

Mandy gave me a deadline of May 24 long weekend. And that was my first build deadline I had, and the first weekend we got to experience camping in a teardrop trailer. It was a 4x8 woody, with a deep cycle marine battery, 45 watt solar panel, 12 volt sink, stove and pull out cooler. Mandy finally started getting involved and decorated it, with curtains, bedding, and matching dish wear. We were so proud of it. Every time we went out with the teardrop, people would come up to us and ask where we got it. I would always say.with a big smile on my face: "I built it". Now the wheels started turning in my head, and I thought hey. Let's rent it.We rented it for the whole summer. The only problem was, We never got to take it out ourselves, cause we were renting it. Well, the season was over, I put it away for the winter, and forgot about it till spring time. This year I was not going to rent it. I thought I'll build another one.

Before it was built, I had a buyer. Then I got laid off my day job. ( Yeah, the one I was tired of working at ). I needed the money. I thought hmm, do I really want to sell my baby ? I loved that teardrop. I even had a poem written in magic marker under the mattress. It read like this: " I dedicate this trailer to the love of my life, Best friends forever, I call her my wife." Well I had to sell it. A nice guy from Nova Scotia read my classified ad and came to the house and bought it. Now what ? I thought... Well, Let's build another one. The rest is history. We cannot build fast enough. We have sold across North America, from California to Florida, New Hampshire, North west territories, Newfoundland, British Columbia and everywhere in between. We have a 3000sq ft shop and run 12 months a year.With Mandy, Myself, My Mother and Our qualified staff, We average building between 2 to 3 teardrops a week. We avoid selling through dealers and sell directly to the consumer, offering custom units for every unique, happy camping, customer. Everybody camps differently, So each person has different needs, requests and requirements. We try to make each trailer as unique and different as our customers. From customers 6ft 6, to a business that wants to use the teardrop as a multi purpose unit for trade shows.

We use high quality wood and aluminum materials, and because our Canadian dollar is so low, we find a lot of our customers are coming in from the U.S.A. making our teardrops highly competitive in price and value. I don't think you will find a teardrop trailer with such high quality materials at the price point that we offer. All of our trailer frames are welded with 2200lb axles. We offer 12, 13 or 14 inch rims, White, chrome or black aluminum alloy. We are firm believers in high volume sales, Yet still maintaining competitive, affordable prices. Our trailers all come with a vin number and are federally compliant, making for easy registration. We offer a delivery service anywhere across North America, And are still able to offer a high quality product for all budgets. We never miss a deadline build date, and stand behind our product. With all of our unique customer requests, We have found we have been able to really diversify our portfolio in options and features. We always love trying something new and different. We listen to our customers, and are constantly improving and evolving as a manufacturer. There is a saying: Do what you love, and you'll never work another day in your life. We love what we do, and we love "The Teardrop Trailer". But more importantly, Our customers love them too...

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