How It all Began

In 2013 I was tired of working my day job, commuting 2 hrs a day back and forth and wanted a total change. Mandy ( My wife ) and I considered moving to a town 45 minutes North of us. I wanted to get a hot dog cart and become a beach bum, selling hotdogs. So, I went online and started browsing through an online classifieds website. I typed in: carts, hot dog cart, carts, trailers, hot dog trailers. And BAM ! There it was. A 5x8 beauty. I found a used teardrop trailer for sale. It was the first teardrop trailer I had ever seen. I was in love instantly. The big problem was, it was too much money, and I couldn't afford it. I suddenly forgot about hot dogs, and started the search for teardrop trailers. I soon found out, they were very expensive, and that there were no manufacturers in Canada. Once I got caught in the teardrop trailer world, I knew I was hooked. I had a construction background, and quickly discovered the world of Do - it - Yourself ers across Canada and the United states. I went out and bought a used 4x8 utility trailer. It was a fold up trailer, a bolted frame with 8 inch rims. I quickly replaced them with 12 inch rims. It took me 3 months to build it. I started in the back yard in early spring with snow still on the ground and not even a garage to cover me. I bought a 10x10 tent so I could continue building the teardrop, regardless the weather.