Does it have a Vin Number ?

A lot of people seem to ask this question. Does your utility trailer come with a vin number? And the answer is YES. We do not actually build the trailer frames ourselves. We leave it to the the pros. We deal exclusively with a trailer manufacturer that not only welds the frames but also offers 2200lb EZ lube axles on all of our trailers. They also include a NVIS card, which stands for New Vehicle Information Statement. This is an official card you fill out and give to the ministry when registering a brand new vehicle that has never been previously registered.

The advantage of having a trailer manufacturer produce our trailers gives us lots of room for new product development, upgrades and modifications. We can offer a standard 4 flat pin plug in or a 7pin round and allow your battery to be charged by your vehicle while driving. We can offer a custom front box, a rear hitch for additional storage or bike rack, custom fiberglass, steel or checker plate fenders, chrome, plain white or galvanized rims, 12",13",14" or 15". The list goes on. And, Yes, all of our trailers come with a Vin. Oh yeah, and let's not forget. All of our units are Made in Canada!!!

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