The Teardrop Trailer Across Canada

Before I start, you're probably wondering where this picture was taken, right ? Well, it's in the beautiful province of Alberta Canada, just outside of Calgary. It's called the Dinosaur Provinical Park. If you ever have the chance to drive through Alberta and you're camping with your teardrop trailer, make sure you stop here for a night. It's a very unique landscape with a long history, dating back to the Dinosaur. Well,Enough of the picture. Let's talk about "The teardrop Trailer", and where we've been this past year.

Although we're a small business we've covered a pretty far and wide area. Our Trailers have been purchased right across Canada. From a 5 x 8 Kit in Fox Creek, just outside of Edmonton, to a 4 x 8 "woody" in Calgary Alberta. Our silver bullet has been sold in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We have sold teardrop trailer parts in Northern Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and right across Canada.

Our first Woody ended up in 100 acres and used as a blind In a remote part of Nova Scotia. We plan on Branching out soon into the USA, and as a matter of fact one of our current builds will be headed to California, once completed this June 2015.This is Where the teardrop trailer all began in the 1930's.

We're excited to see our trailers getting new homes across North America, and plan on doing this one happy customer at a time. The teardrop trailer enthusiast is alive and strong, and we look forward to being part of this very cool community. We thank all of our teardrop trailer and trailer parts customers for all there business thus far, and can't wait to see what the future holds for "The teardrop trailer"... Happy trails & Yeeha !

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