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Newmarket Ontario, Canada to be more specific. Why am I blogging about this subject ? There's a good reason for it, really. I think it's pretty obvious. I want the world to know, (Especially Canadians) that you can now buy teardrop trailers and trailer parts here in Ontario Canada.

No more going through brokers, borders, duties and taxes. No more surprising bills from carriers. handles everything. From

teardrop trailer kits, templates, DIY guides as well as hard to find parts like hurricane hinges, rear galley latches, fenders, trailers and of course the infamous teardrop trailer doors.

If you have looked through our site before viewing this blog, you already know that. For many years now our American neighbours have truly embraced the teardrop trailer camping experience. After all it was an American that made the first teardrop trailer in the 1930's. The Americans have many events / gatherings across many States throughout the year.

Now don't get me wrong, Canada is slowly starting to host more gatherings every year. As a matter of fact is hosting one this summer. Our first: 2015 North of the border - Tear Drop Gathering. It's close to the border, so we are expecting Canadians and Americans to attend. Should be a lot of fun, and it will be nice to see other teardrop trailer builders, to get ideas for our own future builds.Do you know what really surprised us during our camping expeditions ?

The countless amount of people here in Ontario that came up to us and either wanted to build a teardrop trailer or wanted to know where to get one. That gave us an idea. Let's not only supply teardrop trailers complete, but also offer help in any way we can. Let's make Canadian teardrop trailers the next big thing in camping. Let's help the do it yourselfer get his materials in his own country, instead of dealing with border related issues, and so came the birth of Made in Canada......

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