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So what is TeardropTv ? Glad you asked. We are breaking our channel into 3 playlists all under the umbrella of TeardropTv. A production created for specific demographics. The first is:

#TeardropGarage - A playlist designed to be the place to offer the first of it's kind; a virtual online gathering and Interview with various teardrop trailer builders and artists across the globe, with unique and creatively built teardrop trailers.

We will visit their garage, campsites, view past gatherings they attended, announcements of future gatherings, trailers they may have for sale and a series of question and answers on the subject of Teardrop Trailer building. We will look at unique trailer builds and ask the builder himself or herself how they did it, what challenges they faced, and if they had to do it all over again what they would do differently. After the show, viewers are asked to comment below with any outstanding questions not asked and the builder is invited to answer their questions.

#MyTeardropOntario - is a playlist of various tourist based locations visited by the host of TeardropTv and given a detailed account and review of the location with the teardrop trailer traveller in mind. #MyTeardropBanff will be launched in the spring of 2015 as Steve and Mandy will travel across Canada to #Banff, tweeting and interacting with viewers along the way. Promotional videos for #MyteardropBanff will then be produced. Additional province playlists will grow as Steve and Mandy continue their travels across Canada,#MyteardropNfld,#MyteardropQuebec,#MyteardropBC and so on. For now #MyteardropOntario will be the focus for the next couple years, unless we find fellow travellers across the country. This is not limited to just Canada. We welcome everyone to join in with Their country travel tourism pick for the teardrop travelling enthusiast.

#MyteardropUSA, #MyteardropCalifornia, #MyteardropUK, #MyteardropAussie. Our goal is create a channel where all and any teardrop traveller can go for a quick reference place and see who will accommodate them with the easiest access and keep up to date with news and events by various chapters and groups.

#TeardropTv -Testpilot and The TearDrop Trailer will be where you can find all of our teardrop videos,raw footage,bloopers,comical pieces, original #TeardropTv interviews, promotional media videos. The teardrop trailer community will have a place to discuss many topics and many interesting technical issues that all teardrop builders have been confronted with. We believe that each segment will attract a very unique demographic, and we are very excited to bring #TeardropTv to every teardrop trailer owner around the world.It's not just camping, It's a movement (Literally) and It starts with you. Your Journey Begins Here !

As #TeardropTV continues to improve, older videos will be archived in the #TeardropTv - test pilot playlist, For people to review what our first show looked like and be able to watch #TeardropTv evolve to a more professional production. This was our first video produced in my Kitchen with the fridge covered with green screen. You can see how we have already evolved by clicking on the Youtbe link at the top right hand side of our website.

Why did we call it #TeardropTV and not #TeardropYoutube ? The word television comes from Ancient Greek τῆλε (tèle), meaning "far", and Latin visio, meaning "sight". We expect our teardrop trailer to take us to many far sights...

Thanks for reading this blog, and welcome to #TeardropTv - Internet TV for the teardrop trailer enthusiast.

#teardroptv #teardropgarage #myteardropontario #myteardropbanff

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