I miss my "Woody"

It was my first woody. I remember it like it was yeserday. Not to be my last, But there's something special when it's your first. I even wrote a poem on it and dedicated it to my wife.

She loved it as much as I did. We travelled with it everywhere. People would stop me in parking lots and ask where it came from. They would come by at our campsite and ask to take a closer look. I was so proud of it. It definately gained a lot of attention.

To some people it may have appeared small in size, but for us it was just right. But like all good things that must come to an end, So did my woody.

We sold it. And with much regret. Fortunately, though I now know how to build better woodys, And plan on doing exactly that. It appears that many more people are interested in our little woody teardrop trailer and We look forward to making many more in the future and hear other peoples stories about there first time camping with their brand new woody. We also have aluminum side walls for that finished look, but there's just something about a shiny new woody that really seems to turn people's heads...

#woody #trailers #teardrop

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