TearDrops And Waterfalls-Discover Ontario

Did you know Ontario has almost 600 waterfalls ? And not just the type you can only look at. I mean Niagara falls is beautiful, but all you can do is pay for over priced parking, Take a $17.00 boat trip up to it, walk under it for a $16.00 admission fee or go shopping. Don't get me wrong. That's all great, but after a while it gets boring and not to mention costly.

How would you like to go swimming under an Ontario waterfall instead ? Best part of all, It's free. You read right, Free. Now depending where you're coming from you may need accommodations.

That's where the teardrop trailer comes in. Most of these water falls I'm refering to are not to far from local campsites. Take this picture for example. It was taken at Rockwood conservation. Summer of 2014. We took our canoe and paddled right up to it. Then you have beautiful Inglis falls and Indian falls Just outside of Owen Sound. We stayed for a night at a local campsite then the next morning We took our tear drop trailer right into the free parking at Indian falls, Had breakfast, hiked in and went for an awesome summer swim. There is a small pond at the base. Can't think of a better place to have a shower. Wait, Yes I can. Decews falls. It's actually part of the Niagara escarpment. AKA, Morningstar Mill. It's a little tricky to get to, but what a treat. Once you get down there ( careful - This one I suggest experienced climbers only ) You are in for a real surprise.

There's not 1 but 3 water falls to explore. And yes you can get up right under them, FREE ! We have not been to all the water falls in Ontario yet, but the many ones we have explored have been absolutely amazing. Each one has it's own unique character and it's own challenges to get to.

We try to always update our instagram page whenever we go somewhere, so check back often.

I believe the only reason we have been able to explore so many places across Ontario is the affordability. Having a teardrop trailer means you have your food and sleeping accommodations covered. Find a chunk of land for the night and keep on going. This kind of camping is not for everyone. Some people enjoy hanging out in a 5 star hotel and being entertained with fine dining. Hey, I like that too, but believe me when I tell you. The best things in life are FREE.

Here's a start.

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