Big places in small spaces

One big advantage to owning a tear drop trailer is the size. And yes, Size matters. Since taking the tear drop across Ontario we have come up against some challenging places to park. A major advantage we have is the small size of our trailer.

We can go pretty much anywhere a car can. Which means, No limits to where you can explore. We camp where the tenters camp, and park where the public parks. Best of all, our accommodations are cheap. We always camp on the non-electrical sites, which usually means better looking sites, deeper into the woods, and more often.

Our setup time is virtually nothing, Which means travelling from one camp site to the next every day is effortless and easy. Who wants to be stuck in the same place day after day ?

More then once we've opened up the rear galley and made a barbque lunch right in the parking lot of our destination . It really is true. Good things come in small packages.

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