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2018 Diamond in the Rough

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2018 Bohemian Teardrop Trailer - $11,000.00

Ready for adventure


I am selling my Bohemian style Diamond In The Rough teardrop trailer. It was purchased in November 2018. It has been slightly used and is in excellent condition. I have upgraded many features on this trailer including the electrical, new kitchen, new door lock and added shoe storage bins under each door.

Here are the specifications of the trailer:

Price: $11,000.00

Make: Teardrop

Model: Diamond In The Rough

Year: November 2018

GVWR: 882 LBS/ 400 KG

GAWR: 2200 LBS

RV Type: Travel Trailer

Condition: Excellent / Like New

Size: 5’ x 8’

Sleeps: 2

Mattress: 4” Light Foam – Queen (Included)

Tire Size: 14” Black Aluminum Alloy Rims

Hitch: 2” Ball

Pin: 4 Flat

Exterior: Raw Aluminum Body Panels with Aluminum Checker Plate Trims

Frame: Steel



Walls: Wood Panels – Painted Bohemian Blue (Light Teal)

Floor: Oriented Strand Board - Painted White

Ceiling: Wood Panel – Painted White

Storage: Full Length Wooden Drawer with Divider / Full Length Upper Shelf (For Small Items)

Lighting: Overhead Incandescent Light with On/Off Switch

Outlets: 1 GCFI 110W Wall Outlet

Air Circulation: Doors with Built-in Windows / Small Electric Silver Fan / Pass-Through Screen Wall

Interior Décor: Patterned Curtains on Silver Rods (Included) / Rustic Handles

Mattress: Included

Bedding: Not Included


Body Panels: Raw Aluminum Panels with Aluminum Checker Plate

Fenders: Aluminum Checker Plate

Storage: Kobalt Aluminum Checker Plate – 2 Paddle Locks / 2 -Shoe Storage Bins (Under Doors)

Jack: Swing-Away Boat Jack

Accents: Logos

Tire and Wheels: 14” Tires and Black/Silver Rims

Spare Tire: 14” Tire on White Spoke Rims


Solar Panel: 100-Watt Semi-Flex Roof Panel

Solar Controller: Yes, PWM Solar Charge Controller

Inverter: Eliminator 3000-Watt (Modified Sin-Wave)

Battery: 1 – EverStart 12V Deep Cycle Battery

Inverter Remote: Yes, Eliminator Remote Switch

Outlet: 30 Amp Shore Power Outlet

Additional Outlets: Yes, GCFI Outlet to connect Kitchen Outlets


Counter: Wood with Clear Coat

Lighting: Incandescent Light with On/Off Switch

Cooler Space: Yes, Pull-out Drawer

Stove: Woods Propane Griddle and Stove (Included)

Storage: Yes, Pull-out Stove/Storage Box / Upper Shelf – Full Length

Outlets: Yes, 2 - 110-Watt Outlets (Underneath Cooler Drawer) / 12V External Outlet (Hatch Door)

Accessories: Paper Towel Holder (Hatch Door)

For viewings please call 778-228-3880.

Sep 25

It's been a while you post this, but is this trailer still on sale??

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  • We received this email from a couple that purchased one of our teardrop trailers through a customer that was selling on Kijiji. This is her story that we would like to share with you... From:   @hilbuhfrank  Hey I just thought I’d let you know our story a bit because we ended up with one of your marvellous trailers and we couldn’t be happier. Last year around August my partner Michel and I had been dreaming and desiring a teardrop to the point where we had contacted you to start our order. We did tons of research and loved your design and that you were a small Canadian company that put so much love into your products. We’re from New Brunswick and knew that it would be at least a year until we’d finally have our own, and although we were disappointed we knew we’d be purchasing one of your teardrops one day. One night Michel was surfing kijiji and found the EXACT make and model of teardrop we wanted, and in our province!! We bought it two days later and camped well into October with it. I just wanted to drop you guys a message to say thank you for creating such an amazing trailer. We lived in it all summer and are so grateful to have a home to ourselves everywhere we go. We get tons of compliments and have directed dozens of people to your website. All that’s to say, THANK YOU! We named our trailer Bebitte (which is a French word for a small bug) and she’s hauled by our beautiful and always loved Mireille. Thank you a million times for providing us with the home we’ve always wanted. I’ll send you some of my favourite photos of our adventures! Thanks a million again and keep up the good work! Hilary and Michel ( Thanks guys. Love the story. May you have Many happy trails ahead you :-)
  • People's circumstances change all the time, and for one reason or another you may want to sell your used teardrop. We are here to help you the best we can. If you are looking to sell your teardrop, feel free to post it here.

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