In 2013 I was tired of working my day job, commuting 2 hrs a day back and forth and wanted a total change. Mandy ( My  wife ) and I considered moving to a town 45 minutes North of us. I wanted to get a hot dog cart and become a beach bum, selling hotdogs. So, I went on...

Okay. I think it's about time to tackle the big questions. Whats the difference between, volts, amps, watts and how much solar power do I need ?

First of all, lets start with a basic foundation to work from. Since you're reading this blog, you must already know that th...

I've often struggled with what methods to use for my rear galley main cooking element. I've always liked the butane burners, because everything is so compact, and the butane canister is easy to remove. The 1 lb propane coleman cylinders are great except I need a rubber...

October 14, 2015

Yes,Yes and Yes. We have finally created a teardrop trailer 100% off the grid, with the capability of allowing you to use your precious home appliances while not depending on local hydro for anything. How ?

Simple really. First you need an unlimited power source. We ins...

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October 31, 2017

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